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11 April 2017 DMASA Training Programmes 2017

The DMASA has embarked on a new direction to support the development of skills levels within the Interactive and Direct Marketing (IDM) Industry. As individuals’, you need to uplift your personal knowledge and skills and have the opportunity to maintain them, and not just within your current role, but to have an understanding of where you could grow in your career.  Whether you are just starting in the IDM industry, or are already established but feel you should be recognised for what you have achieved, a career direction vision is important for everyone’s individual development.

The vision for the DMASA is to build and keep skilled personnel within the industry and for individuals to have their own vision as to how they can grow. DMASA members should be able to broaden their understanding of career opportunities within the IDM industry.

For phase one, your DMASA is focusing on modular training programmes which will concentrate on furthering knowledge and skills development for practical operational implementation.

Each training module will be part of a career building block in support of personal lifelong learning. Training programmes through different tier levels will support individuals in being recognised towards overall performance accomplishments.

This is a journey the DMASA will update you about over the next few months as each step unfolds.

The first step over the next five months is a set of training programmes for individuals wanting to establish a firm foundation in IDM for their career development. These five one-day programmes will commence in May and will be presented on a monthly basis.

The subjects are:


One-day programmes



Fundamentals of Interactive Direct Marketing

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DMA members - R2,500 + VAT: R2,850

Non-members – R3,000 + VAT: R3,420    

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