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27 February 2015 Draft 7 of the DMASA Code of Conduct has been uploaded onto the website for comments from the Members.

Draft 7 of the DMASA Code of Conduct and the Clauses have been uploaded in the 'Members Only' section of the website. Please note that these have been uploaded for purposes of receiving comments from our Members- the numbers on the Clause do not correspond with those on the Code but the content does. This is POPI complaint, and is produced in response to the request in the POPI law that relevant sectors product Code and Conducts which will be considered by the Privacy Regulator. Please note that the DMASA has tried as far as possible - within the spirit of the POPI law - to take a liberal interpretation. We cannot ignore what the law requires, as challenging as that may be for marketers in some cases. We would greatly appreciate your comments, and if we can - within the confines of the law - we will take your comments into the Code. Please send all comments/questions/queries to

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