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24 January 2017 3 Way Marketing - From Zero to Hero

3 Way Marketing was started by two long-time friends and neighbours, Danny Aaron and Tom Goldgamer. With a great idea (and a lot of hard work) these guys built a multi-million rand company from their living rooms, having never borrowed a cent.

Launched in 2008, the original team of two would never have guessed that nine years later they would have turned 3 Way Marketing into one of the largest lead-gen companies in South Africa with over 150 employees.

3 Way Marketing – a data-driven digital lead generation company, uses multiple channels to reach, attract and ultimately sell services to the end consumer.

3 Way Marketing owns and has created partnerships with hundreds of websites, blogs, and online properties. Combined with its rich access to consumer data and its ability to transmit these messages using multiple channels and platforms gives them an added advantage in generating direct sales for their clients.

3 Way Marketing’s ethos is to be agnostic when it comes to digital channels that get deployed. Typically the company launches a campaign by using multiple channels and hones in on the channel that yields the best result based on their client’s needs.

The services that the company offers include a wide range of Social Media Applications, Search Engine Marketing, Automated Voice Messages, SMS, Email as well as a strong focus on mobile applications.

In a digital world that is packed to the brim with keen consumers who practically live on their mobile devices, potential customers are able to access information as quick as a shooting star. Enabling you to capture and focus on their needs and generate sales for your business.

3 Way Marketing has taken their digital strength offline, assisting their clients with the actual sales process through their in-house call centre. Their call center acts as a quality assurance leg to the business, ensuring that the digital leads sent are of the highest quality and assisting their clients through the sales process.

With a business model that takes the risk for our clients, it’s hard to find a better marketing partner. To put it simply, you don’t pay unless you get results. 3 Way Marketing carries the risk of all marketing initiatives that don’t work… Yep, they’re that confident that they can push your business to another level.  

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