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24 January 2017 Top 3 Direct Marketing Trends 2017

On January 28th 2017 we celebrate the start of the Chinese New Year. The Year of the Rooster bodes well following the mischief of the Year of the Monkey in 2016. It is a year of action, agility and an opportunity to be alert and open to innovation. It is a year with fresh challenges and will require practical solutions.

You can apply this to your marketing efforts this year and look at how you are including the top 3 direct marketing trends in your marketing plans to better connect, communicate and engage with your potential and existing customers.

Top 3 Direct Marketing trends in 2017:

1. Integration of Digital Marketing

2. Data Driven Marketing

3. Omni-channel marketing and measurement

1. Integration of digital marketing:
Digital is our present and how we immerse ourselves in our worlds. In our always on environment, we are always connected and plugged in.
In order to effectively connect and engage with our customers – we need to ensure we deliver consistent messaging across all touchpoints and digital is key to this.
Consider how you are integrating digital marketing into your marketing mix in 2017 and determine your priorities across digital channels that will support your marketing objectives.

2. Data driven marketing
Every interaction with your potential and existing customers provides you with extensive data and insights into your customers behaviour and preferences. Leveraging these insights will enable you to communicate better with your customers and to provide more relevant messaging and offers. Customers expect brands to use these data preferences to benefit them by providing more relevant offers and solutions that meet their needs.
Consider how you can organise your data into actionable insights and how you can apply this to being more relevant to your existing and potential customers.

3. Omni-channel marketing and measurement
Today’s consumer demands a seamless experience and not just a presence or interaction with brands across multiple channels. Omni-channel goes beyond sharing your same advert in print in your email or direct mail but takes into account the entire consumer journey and how this is complemented by the channel strategy and the customer experience online, across devices and directly with the customer. Performance on each of these touchpoints also needs to be measured and monitored to determine which ones are in fact contributing to your brand promise or detracting from it.
Consider how you interact and engage with your consumers across all touchpoints and what your measurements of success are.

Partner with the DMASA on how you can deliver marketing that will move your business closer to your marketing goals this year.

Look out for our upcoming breakfast training sessions that will support you on how you can ensure your business can benefit from these insights and more.

Article By: Elizabeth Lee MIng



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